Sunday, May 8, 2011

Timeline of Dorothea Dix's life

Hampden Maine
1802-Dorothea was born April, 4 1802

1812-The Dix family moved to Vermont because the town of Hampden was invaded by the British in the war of 1812.

The war of 1812

1816- Dorothea opened her first school in Worcester Massachusetts

1819-Dorothea shut down her school and went back to the Dix mansion.

1822- Dorothea taught two classes in the Dix mansion form 1822-1836.

1837-Dorothea fell ill and went on vacation to England.

1841-Dorothea worked as a volunteer at the Cambridge Jail in Massachusetts.

1848- Dorothea sent a document to the United States congress asking if they could set land aside for the mentally ill. Both the houses approved but the bill was vetoed by the president.

1855-Dorothea became a volunteer to the Nursing Corps in the Civil War.

A nurse caring for the sick and hurt.

1887-Dorothea died in the New Jersey Hospital July 17, 1887.